Saturday, February 7, 2009

So it's been a while.

I am starting to really think my soon to be husband has a plan to knock me off with stress so he can enjoy a kick ass party in my memoriam rather than the wedding date it has been scheduled as!

So here I sit in Connecticut. With nothing better to do than to go through my pocket book when I stumble upon my cousins address/blog address... I start rifling through the hotel drawers to find some sort of stationary to write her a letter. She likes she receive things in the mail, she told me this when I saw her in December and I feel horrible that I haven't done so to show her that I really do constantly think of her. No luck.

She inspired me to blog since I have gotten lax in that department as of late as well.

I am getting married in 22 days. What the hell am I doing in this hotel room that doesn't even have the adequate stationary so I can write a letter to my cousin, stuck in this room like some sort of love sick teen. For the first time in a long time, I find myself missing, really missing Brad during the days he is gone playing his tournaments at Foxwoods.

He said I am here to relax, but who can relax knowing they still have yet to get their wedding bands, flowers and gifts wrapped up for the wedding party... not to mention, getting the groom dressed! (no he has not decided on what he is wearing yet)

Yesterday, my oldest brother and his girlfriend came out to spend some time with me. They are wonderful and I appreciated and valued their company. Today, my other brother and his fiancee' plan to come out. I couldn't ask for more!

Are there ever enough minutes in a day, enough cheesy hotel stationary or miles on the road to tell the people you have in your heart how much they mean to you?


Coyote said...

You could have talked to me, IF you had answered your phone!!! Look online for wedding rings, and see if there are some shops there. But don't keep dwawdling on that tux for Brad as you are running out of time!

Shiny said...

I was thinking about you and wondering if it was wedding time yet!
I think we are going to rent a tux right before the wedding-- not very likely that he will be needing a tux again any time soon. And I'm waiting till 2 weeks before the wedding to have my dress altered just in case I were to gain or lose weight!

You guys are going to have so much fun.