Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blonde ambition

One of my favorite ways to pamper myself at Foxwoods Resort and Casino is to visit the Grand Salon located on the 9th floor of the Grand Pequot Hotel.

I went there this afternoon with high hopes... being a blond again. I decided to do so now because of our wedding in March. My reasoning, if today was a complete disaster, hopefully I would be able to recover something by then.

What a lovely time I had! First of all, my stylist; Robin Cornele was an absolute doll. She was my cheerleader, my mad scientist and such wonderful company. I enjoyed the hours of conversation that took place.
I assure you, I did just say HOURS. This poor woman had to look at my face from about 10 am to approximately 1:30 pm when all was said and done. It took 4 times of applying things I am not nearly educated enough on in order to properly discuss. I believe she called it a "white wash", mixed with things like conditioner and water. Several sits under the dome dryer, (is that what that is called? lol) multiple applications of conditioner and washing me out in the sink.
I think her insistence on the conditioner is what mostly saved my hair.

I could tell she was hesitant to apply it that one last time but I kind of pushed her my way lol The ends just held so much of that red in them! Never again with the fucking red...
We were both dripping with anticipation in her final blow out as it lightened in front of our eyes. She had done it, she finally got the tips to match the roots!

Put it this way, I was there so long, she had to leave me under the dryer while she had a wash and blow dry scheduled with another client lol

On top of all this, she gifted me a coupon. The color correction would have amounted $200.00, with her coupon it rang up $160.00. Which while the born bargain hunter in me was absolutely thrilled to no end, unfortunately I only had $146.00 in my pocket... Shit!

They were so awesome about it, they let me run down and find Brad for a few more dollars.
I was freaking out the whole time. I ran down to the Sunset Ballroom but they were on break, double shit! So I ran all the way up to our MGM suite, still no Brad. Try to dial out of the room cause he had the cell phone... we paid in cash so the phone was not turned on due to no credit card on file. All of a sudden, this is not looking good.
I tear wildly through some dirty pants and score a handful of change, mostly quarters for the payphones outside the ballroom.

So out the door I run, and when I say "run" I exaggerate nothing. Past housekeeping who is hounding me on whether or not we want services today... up the flight of stairs next to the escalators where the zombies are enjoying their scenic stationary ride up. Run through the hallways to get back to Foxwoods and down to the Sunset Ballroom where I am looking for a white hat and a black hooded sweatshirt in a sea of mean who I hadn't noticed until that exact moment, dressed shockingly similar. I still can't find Brad!

Finally! He comes to me (wearing his BLACK hat and black hooded sweatshirt) from being seated far in the corner with a big grin on (the nerve, I am a wreck!) as I am ready to leave and beat the shit out of these pay phones, gnarled claw still gripping this handful of now hot change... I tell him what is up, he quickly throws me a couple $20.oo's a kiss and notifies me that he has to return to his seat, that he is missing hands. He would run up to the room and see me at the next longer break in about an hour. I was completely oblivious to the fact that the last break he had been on his way to the room while I was on my way to him...

So I head back to the Salon, settle the remaining balance thank them all for understanding and apologize incessantly. I got Robin Cornele's business card where she had written down her hours, gave her a big hug and thanked her. It seemed she wasn't worried in the least, she is so cool. The only thing she was concerned with was did Brad like it lol which he really did.
I wasn't sure if $26.00 was a good tip, hopefully I didn't offend her. She worked her ass off for it.

Anyhow, thanks again Robin. You're the best!
Here are the results of our adventure:



and here is a before so you can be reminded of how far we've come.
I think Brenda made me laugh

Monday, October 20, 2008

2000 Chevrolet Malibu!

Current mood: Complacent
Listening to: NOFX - Whoops I OD'd

We (Brad) bought a car tonight! It is light silver like pictured, no sun roof though.

Had a great time at the in laws this past Saturday, got to act like big kids with his little sisters. We brought PS3 (RockBand), Wii. They all wanted us to sleep over so badly, I promised them the next time we would. Their house is so big, just the basement apartment is bigger than ours...








Also, we leave in 3 nights for MA/CT, taking off in the middle of the night to avoid traffic.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


quarantine Pictures, Images and Photos
The movie did not disappoint, other then them showing the ending in the trailer. I watched a bootleg version and shortly realized I should have seen this one in theaters! I'd say, approximately 13 minutes into it...
I was sitting on the edge of my seat grabbing my face for at least an hour, I jumped quite a few times.
I was left with an unsettled stomach when it was all said and done. Not sure if it had something to do with the fact that I was intentionally scaring the piss out of myself for a little over two hours... The fact that I hadn't eaten anything in a while, or the shaky hand held filming technique they used which really makes you feel like you a witnessing something awful, first hand.

The story wasn't too far fetched. News reporter Angela Vidal seemingly clawing her way towards the top, and her camera man Scott are stuck following around the Los Angeles fire department for what the most part, starts out an uneventful evening. They are called out to a building after neighbors report hearing screams and terrifying sounds from her apartment. People in a building start contracting a strange illness that resembles rabies, only far more powerful and the symptoms develop rapidly, within minutes... Unlike the longer incubation period of a couple months with rabies. It also plays on my fear of the dark, as the camera light is the only light we are left with after the military cut the cable and power to the building during the quarantine.
The entire movie is viewed from Scott's equipment.

I love Jennifer Carpenter! She is one of my favorite fresh newer female actresses. She did a phenomenal job in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, adore her foul mouthed character as the serial killer Dexter's sister in the Showtime series, and she really terrifies you in Quarantine. It's worth the couple bucks you'll shell out.

On a side note, we are going to Foxwoods again! Of course going to stop by and party with the brothers and sister in laws along the way. Brad was so cute, he said "Now you can get your hair thing done." (at the Foxwoods Grand Pequot salon) *grin*
He was referring to my color correction where I want to go back to a darker, natural blond or a light honey brown with highlights for the wedding. I haven't seen my hair it's natural color, since probably around sophomore or junior year.

I always try to write it down when he says something that makes me melt. Like the phase where he was calling me "Gillette" for a while. He said I was "the best a man can get" lol
Or when he really listens to what I say when I am trying to give him advice because of the drastically different lives we've led (haven't we all?), and tries his best to make an effort to make me happy.
I hope he realizes I don't want him to do it for me, all I want for him is to be happy and have the courage to live for himself, rather than worrying about letting everyone else down.
I want him to do things for himself, live with the consequences of the decisions he is making. Sometimes 2 years really is a huge age difference. I am patient, and I will continue to support him cheering on the side lines as he sorts things out. It is hard not to see the 14 year old boy smiling back at me at times though, which also makes me wonder how I will fare as a mother lol

Anyhow, he booked us a suite at the MGM Grand for 8 nights, the 26th to the 3rd of November (another busy month for us with both of our birthdays, the engagement photo shoot, Thanksgiving...) I can't wait! We've stayed in The Grand Pequot suites, The MGM is even better so I am really excited. I am sticking to a "diet" consisting mostly Panera Bread with combo trio where you can get either a soup, and a sandwich or a soup and a salad etc... with an apple so I can maintain, so I will fit in this god forsaken wedding dress hanging over my head!
Of course, I will have to stop by Pizza Chef and order one of the worlds best calzones while I am in my home town... pizza here really blows, and not in the fun way.
Brad's already been trying to devise a plan where we can get away with bringing a few home and freeze them.

My niece is starting to talk at 10 months. She says "yana" (her name is Ariana), mom mom, pop pop, and dada. I feel old in saying the old cliche' but it is so true... they grow so fast! She also drinks from straws and walks holding onto things.

I called the DJ and told him we would be out of town until after the third, but after then, we could sort out a date to sit down and get things started with the wedding. He is a really nice guy. I love everyone we've hired so far, but the caterer tends to piss me off lol

Other than washing a fuck lot of clothes, last minute housework and making sure the animals are taken care of before we take off in a couple days... we are going to dinner at my in laws again! I can't wait, I am so proud of Brad and judging by his actions and the look on his face, he is also elated.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

I miss you sleep!

I had such a hard time getting out of that nice warm bed today. Brad was actually up before I was! I opened my eyes to his huge grin and a thumbs up, which I later had to confirm had taken place...

Now I am having a really hard time just letting go and falling asleep this morning. I watched the second disc of Two and a Half Men, season 2... ate a butt load of grapes and an apple (okay, and a handful of Hershey's milk chocolate baking chips from the bag), Discovered how desperately I truly need to wash that load of darks and threw it in plain view so I would be annoyed and inconvenienced enough to do something about it! Off and on watched Brad play a couple tables...shifted the cleverly hidden "whatever" pile in our room around, managed to put a few of the clothes that were lingering about mixed up in there without designated areas and now I am catching up on a few blogs.

I would hit the bowl, I can't bring myself to waste fine product!

Oh, I got to find out something important about my sisters kid in the best way today! <--sarcasim, From the mouth of the future mother in law (who is not speaking to me, again) because she works with my mother, and my mother made the mistake of telling her what was going on when she stuck her nose in and asked her what was up when my sister called her cell phone while they were busy.
She then immediately returns home, to call Brads grandmother, who in turn calls me (before my mother or my sister, whom she's never met has a chance to) to fill me in on the details.

Call me crazy, but I was fucking pissed. This is a woman who is constantly landing veiled blows about how she is so jealous of my family, she can't see straight, yet she continuously pushes everyone in her family and the rest of the civilized world away, forces and bullys her way around living through everyone and gossiping about them. How everything is about me and my family. How she and her daughter are no longer coming to my wedding...
I can't comprehend the train of thought that those who love you are a disposable luxary when the mood strikes you. With real love, it is all or nothing. You accept someone and love them for who they are, flaws and all... wouldn't dream of changing them... or you are a self absorbed, dillusional dip shit.

Anyhow, the child got into a fairly heart stopping accident at school today. Some how, he ended up with a pen he had in his mouth jammed in the back of his throat just above the uvula, becoming the new owner of a hole the size of a soda can opening. At first, they thought surgery was required, from what I hear they later discovered there was nothing they could do for it. So he is taking clear fluids, antibiotics and a pain reliever or two. Poor kid.

Ironic how such a lazy, slow start to a day would end this way. There is a Dannon, strawberry fruit on the bottom yogurt and a slice of low cal wheat toast taunting me in that kitchen!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yep, it's Sunday.

I would say this is about right.

What could be better than a wake and bake? (besides sleep, which is one of my favorite things but as I age, I am finding out I suck horribly at) Waiting now to awake Sleeping Beauty for his big day of tournaments. I so look forward to his little breaks when we hang out lost in our own little chatter, usually he is beaming with energy so he just annoys the crap out of me until I plead with him numerous times to return to his seat. I feel badly in doing so sometimes, the explanation is simple... I am not looking to work any sort of judicial system, just trying to restore order, lol!
Sitting at that computer, must take some serious self discipline. I have a hard time sitting still. I tried to watch a DVD quality bootleg Dark Knight yesterday, we saw it in theaters with the oldest nephew. Though it is long, highly recommended! But I found myself drifting away as usual when Heath ledger was not on screen wowing me with his psychotic performance. Instead, I decided it was time to get up right then and retire the old dresser to the basement.

I feel like I have to brush my teeth again now. Ever since I quit smoking cigarettes for good well over a year ago, I have this weird fetish with brushing my teeth all the time, at random moments. I think next time we're getting the enamel protection tooth paste to better ensure I don't scrub mine off...

The house is quiet and comfortable. All the little beasties lay sleeping after I ran them all out for their morning routine of finding the perfect places to relieve themselves and imitate how they imagine they would/should chase the local wildlife in order to protect "their land".

I hear one of my favorite sounds. The steady, relaxed, deep breathing beside me in our bed which assures me all is right in my world this morning... as I listen to the sound of the keyboard clicking away.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How heartless can you be?

I feel really bad for this little long haired chihuahua across the street. His owners don't give a rats ass about him, at the same time it is getting old.

They also have a golden retriever, both are friendly and attractive dogs but upon closer inspection... Bailey (the chi) is very noticeably losing his fur all over his rear and back. This is a problem for me because when he is out, he is running across the road to come play with my guys. I don't know if what he has is contagious.
I don't let my dogs outside unsupervised, ever. It is hard to keep him away from my dogs. I've tried water, unfriendly tones. Chasing him while clapping loudly behind him... Even telling his owners what he is up to while he is shut out probably 20 hours out of the day. Eventually he stopped fearing me, now he just wants me to give him attention and pet him *sigh*.

Chance (the golden) has mats around his neck most likely from also scratching like mad.

So far, I have seen Bailey almost get run over about a dozen times. Seen him almost get gobbled up by a pitbull that dragged the guy to him (another neighborhood idiot can't control his dog). Why get a dog if you are not willing to make it and everyone around safe? For bragging rights? I assure you, a scrawny hairless chi is not the image you are trying to project.

The woman, is a real class act. She is the type of rough chick that will fight out in the street while her whole rats nest looks on and absorbs it. Case and point, her twelve year old pain in the butt kid acting just like her trying to fight younger girls in the neighborhood and showing her ass in public.
I am not the only one to have cussed them out in the middle of the street while I chase their dog back to their yard. I saw a woman stop her car and tell her off warning she better be careful because he will be hit or stolen.

The "man of the house"... I have seen Bailey slink down and piss on the side walk where he stands when he calls his name. That is severe anxiety. When I tried to talk to him about the little dog, I was told "Take him!". I actually felt bad for having 3 of my own dogs already, and not taking him up on his offer. Technically, It's not my problem... and yet, here we are.

It's also been rainy and cold the past week. It will not be hard for me to "take him" and find him a new home when I have completely had enough of it where he will be loved and taken care of, he comes into our yard squeezing under our gate for Pete sake.
I wish there really were a"Animal Cops"... Unfortunately, I have witnessed on several occasions even our local police force hesitates to do anything when there is a disturbance in the neighborhood with the local drunken crack heads.