Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome home Autumn

This has always been my favorite time of year. The smell, sight and sound of leaves rustling in the towering trees, tumbling downward, scraping across a sidewalk and crunching below our feet... the aroma of wood burning in the distance... pulling out your favorite heavy blankets and cuddling close.

I find myself melancholy and trying to recall all of these innocent, pure moments that made my childhood a happy one. It wasn't always, nor mostly filled with these blissful moments, in fact I have trouble even remembering much of my childhood.

Autumn is like a mother to me. She comforts me and beckons me to join the real world. Encourages me to leave todays mistakes behind and look towards tomorrow while lightly kissing my face as I leave the familiar comforts of home.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life imitating art?

Yesterday felt more like a movie than my own life.

Had to wake up at 8:30 to have any chance of being ready for 9:30. I have other things to attend to while Brad is getting ready. Said times would be perfectly reasonable in a normal human sleep pattern, but that is something else about me that if you already know me well, are the odd hours we keep.

So first it was to Pimlico for the Belmont at 11 for the first race of the day. Which is about a half an hour ride so I had to have Brad awake for 9:30 because he much like the female of the species, takes about an hour to get ready. The joys of a tiny single bathroom renters delight, force me to have to wake up at 8:30 so that I can get all the things like taking the dogs out, feeding & putting down fresh water and putting everyone settled where they belong as well as going through last nights tornado and straightening up a little bit so I don't go nuts coming home to a crime scene.

When we first got there, it rather sucked ass. The club house is not as fun as one would think it sounds...but Brad discovered treasure when we went upstairs, for the first time since I have been here 6 years, and found the sports palace. The buffet in the sports palace consisted of a protein over load. BBQ pork sliders, (disgusting) sliders with carrot slaw (I think they were the cheapy frozen patties rather than fresh ground beef.) Roast beef with Au Jus, crab balls, some salmon sauce (Brad and I don't eat seafood) and buffalo wings with hot sauce. After the Belmont, which was the 11th race, we left. Sometimes we stay for the extra couple races afterwards but I was happy to leave at 7.

From there, we went home to let the dogs out and check movie times on the computer... to Brads uncles house and talked for a couple minutes before we went to the bar to meet up with his aunt and other uncle. This was around 9 by then and we had plans to catch a 10:50 showing of The Hangover.

After a few Miller 64's it was time to leave at 10:20. To the packed movie, back to the bar at 1 for 3 shots of Washington apples, and a fuzzy navel. To the diner shortly after two with Brads highly inebriated and amusing uncle, then home after we made sure he was home safely before we got home at 4.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby bird has a death wish

You know you have too much time on your hands when you are stalking a family of robins.

This baby robin, with crazy looking feathers who I've been calling "Hopper" has consumed most of my daily thoughts. I honestly worry over him. The dogs go out one by one on leash and at night I bring a flash light because he picks odd spots in the grass of our yard to honker down. So far they've just been curious of him but last year I saw our neighbors chi kill one so I don't want to take a chance.

He hopped up the toddler slide I have for my nephew/niece then sat at the top all proud of himself, it was freaking adorable. Then when I had Jack outside with the Furminator he was hopping up the front steps checking us out demanding worms from me.

If he can just make it a few more days, he should be flying, he's just about there now. I have faith, he is a crafty little dude but just today I chased a fat ass cat out of the yard that was eyeing my birdhouses. We have a family of finches that come back every year.
I suppose his ominous presence that explains the mystery of my broken votive holders that were on the wall close by.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So it's been a while.

I am starting to really think my soon to be husband has a plan to knock me off with stress so he can enjoy a kick ass party in my memoriam rather than the wedding date it has been scheduled as!

So here I sit in Connecticut. With nothing better to do than to go through my pocket book when I stumble upon my cousins address/blog address... I start rifling through the hotel drawers to find some sort of stationary to write her a letter. She likes she receive things in the mail, she told me this when I saw her in December and I feel horrible that I haven't done so to show her that I really do constantly think of her. No luck.

She inspired me to blog since I have gotten lax in that department as of late as well.

I am getting married in 22 days. What the hell am I doing in this hotel room that doesn't even have the adequate stationary so I can write a letter to my cousin, stuck in this room like some sort of love sick teen. For the first time in a long time, I find myself missing, really missing Brad during the days he is gone playing his tournaments at Foxwoods.

He said I am here to relax, but who can relax knowing they still have yet to get their wedding bands, flowers and gifts wrapped up for the wedding party... not to mention, getting the groom dressed! (no he has not decided on what he is wearing yet)

Yesterday, my oldest brother and his girlfriend came out to spend some time with me. They are wonderful and I appreciated and valued their company. Today, my other brother and his fiancee' plan to come out. I couldn't ask for more!

Are there ever enough minutes in a day, enough cheesy hotel stationary or miles on the road to tell the people you have in your heart how much they mean to you?