Friday, November 21, 2008

My birthday

First can I just confess that we are Panera Bread addicts?
The chicken salad sandwich, blew my mind. And I am not a huge mustard girl... This is like 4 for 4 now. I've also moaned over every bowl of soup I've had there.
So I had this huge honking sandwich... with my portion sizes now, more like two sandwiches... on some sort of fresh semolina bread. The perfect scoop of chicken salad with lettuce, tomato a light yet impressive dose of spicy mustard (no onion breath for me please, hold the onion) A dill spear, and this is a decent dill. This isn't the fluorescent science project. Kettle cooked chips that I begged Brad to help me eat and my giant bowl of creamy tomato soup while the croutons soak up all that absurd goodness.

We had our shared bucket of diet soda (Pepsi or Coke, these are the standard diet fountain soda choices diet drinking customers have to face, fuck you very much.) cranked up with about 5 lemon wedges and went to town. Besides the shared interest in the creamy tomato, Brad ordered the Mozzarella and tomato panini, also a wise choice. Fresh Mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomato and basil... I have taught you well.

The engagement shoot was awesome. I recommend it to anyone getting married... our photographer giggled with us non stop, he probably went home and laughed with his wife over what he got us to do. We really had a great time. I just wish the weather wasn't so fickle and frigid today!
Huh, maybe there really is something to this "Global Warming" epidemic lol I wore a really cute black Converse knit sweater, jeans and a pair of Studio 1940 black kitten heels

updated pic

Brad was beyond adorable. He is so awesome for being such a good sport even at times it was clear he was feeling awkward lol He eventually got the hang of it, let loose and nailed it. He even asked Brad to dip me for the last picture.

The Thinker is on display there, admittedly it gave me the creeps. He is such a huge guy, and when I am standing there tall, his face is right down in mine. Looks like at any minute this pissed off dude is going to stand and crush you.

I got some thoughtful gifts, ate some kick ass food, shared this experience of something I never imagined we'd do... solid day.

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Coyote said...

OMG!! I'm dying to see these pictures. Do remember I did send you one of mine!!! LMAO!!! BTW, we chose our favorite pose and bought the rights to it. That way we could make as many prints as we wanted and post it online. Which it is the one I use here. Anyway the rights to that one picture was 50.00 but I have found it well worth it as I have made many copy's of it.
I love Panera bread too! sad that we have to drool over real food these days of artificial crap!
Miss ya Girly! and just for you, I updated!